[Samba] Making a share writable for a user

Alex alexscott at lineone.net
Wed Feb 18 17:29:13 GMT 2004

I got two machines on a network and I want to be able to use a cronjob 
as a particular user to copy some files from one machine to another.

One is running window 2000 and has a folder called c:\share which is 
shared and has permissions set to  everyone. lets say this machine is 
called winny. The other machine is running Linux Redhat 9 and Samba and 
lets say it is called linny.

On both linny and winny I have a user called arthur with the same 
password. I have issued the command  smbpasswd -a Arthur on linny and 
now I can run smbclient -L \\arthur, enter my password, and the share 
called share is listed.

On linny I login as root and issue the command mount -t smbfs 
//arthur/share /home/arthur/winny -o  username=arthur, I enter my 
password, and the share folder is mounted and I can copy files to it( As 
  root) but when I logon as on Arthur he cannot create files or copy to 
/home/arthur/winny, he gets  permission denied. A simple ls -l will 
return root ownership as user and group and no write permissions  for 
other: drwxr-xr-x    1 root     root         4096 Feb 18 16:31 mount

I would like it so either the owner or the group was arthur and not 
root. Or possibly that the write  permissions for other were available. 
My assumption is that I have missed out a bit of code and that it 
probably is in the smb.conf file.

      path = //arthur/share
      directory mode= 0777
      read only= no
      guest ok=yes

Could somebody suggest to me how I might add the ownership and/or 
permissions to make the mounted  folder accessible to arthur?


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