[Samba] Printing vs. iptables

John Snowdon J.P.Snowdon at newcastle.ac.uk
Wed Feb 18 15:17:52 GMT 2004

Does Win2k SP4 introduce the webclient service? There has been quite a
few problems lately with XP, the webclient service and Samba.

Does your firewall see any traffic on port 80 when the users are
connecting to the printer? We had a similar problem with network shares
timing out for 3 minutes exactly - turning off webclient, (or not quite
so good - enabling port 80 on the firewall) solves the problem. Though
I'll say again, that was XP.

 John Snowdon - IT Support Specialist
 Faculty of Medical Sciences Computing Dept
 School of Medical Education Development
 University of Newcastle

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>Subject: [Samba] Printing vs. iptables
>Recently, Windows 2000 SP4 clients have developed a problem 
>when using a
>network printer connected to a Samba print share.
>Some applications are OK.  But take, well, notepad, for 
>example.  Selecting
>a local printer is normal, but there is a two minute delay (!) 
>in selecting
>a network printer.  Once selected, all is well.  All smb operations are
>frozen until the selection happens.  This is disconcerting to 
>users who are
>sure there has been an outright crash.
>If iptables has all rules flushed, printer selection is normal.
>This appears to have been some change made by Microsoft 
>recently, as this
>installation was working normally and blew up recently with a Microsoft
>security patch.  I'm not sure which patch broke this.
>My firewall rules already account for normal and unicast 
>traffic on ports
>135-139 and 445.  And these rules have been successful until 
>about three
>weeks ago.
>Has Microsoft recently begun using the XP UPnP ports with 
>Win2K?  If not,
>just what have they done?  This is driving me nuts.
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