[Samba] DOMAIN missing in net rpc join example command

Karel Kulhavy clock at atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Wed Feb 18 14:10:53 GMT 2004


Samba HOWTO Collection states at page "xxxccc":
" Join the Samba Server to the PDC Domain

Enter the following command to make the Samba server join the PDC
domain, where DOMAIN is the name of your Windows domain and
Administrator is a domain user who has administrative privileges in the

root# /usr/local/samba/bin/net rpc join -S PDC -U Administrator

The proper response to the command should be: Joined the domain DOMAIN
where DOMAIN is your DOMAIN name."

There is no DOMAIN in the command.

What is the correct command that I should enter instead of this?


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