[Samba] Howto initialize raw printer with special PCL-Commands?

Christoph Peus cp at uni-wh.de
Wed Feb 18 12:10:03 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I would like to print text in a very special format which can be 
achieved only by sending some PCL-Commands to the printer before sending 
the data itself. The lpoptions options for text-mode printing aren't 
sufficient for this.

Currently the jobs are sent to a cups raw printer witch sends it to an 
old Solaris machine with HPs JetAdmin, which offers the necessary 
options to get the correct format. Finally JetAdmin sends the job to the 
printer. This works for now but I would like to get rid of the now 
historic Solaris machine...

Can cups send the PCL-Commands without foreign help somehow?

Thanks in advance!


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