[Samba] logon.bat and home dir

Ivo Dancet ivo at im.be
Tue Feb 17 17:31:20 GMT 2004

I recently set up a samba PDC 2.2.8 for testing purposes only. 
Everything runs well enough now.
There is one thing I can't seem to get to work. I made a logon.bat logon 
script for sharing a share called 'databank' on T: and it works 
correctly, but trying to get the windows mount the home folder too 
results in no mounting. That is: no databank and no home folder (on T: 
and Y:).
My script is in Dos-formatting and contains:
	net use T: \\samba\databank
	net use Y: /home

I tried a lot of things, and I allways get the same result: databank: no 
problem, home: problems.

Using the dos-prompt it is no problem, if I say 'net use Y: /home' it 

Using only the second line in 'logon.bat' isn't solving anything...

client: win 98
server: mandrakelinux 9.2
network browsing not possible for now (something to do with this?)

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help very welcome!

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