[Samba] User shell folders

Keith Edmunds keith at midnighthax.com
Tue Feb 17 13:50:40 GMT 2004

I'm setting up roaming profiles (Samba 3, Win2K). The profile is stored
in a subdirectory of the user's home directory, .profile.

Chapter 24 of the (excellent) Samba Howto Collection discusses changing
the registry entries (....\user shell folders) to point to a network
location to avoid downloading all the profile files at every login and
logout. I have replaced the %USERPROFILE% there with:


...in other words, the precise location of the roaming profile, so in
fact no copying at all should be needed. This seems to work, but is
there any danger I should be aware of in setting 'user shell folders' to
the location of the roaming profile?


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