[Samba] server signing in Samba

Jianliang Lu j.lu at tiesse.com
Tue Feb 17 08:40:32 GMT 2004

When we put the parameter "server signing = auto" in smb.conf, the Windows XP 
clients can no longer connect to the samba (3.0.2), the
"net use \\server\ipc$ /u:user password" return error 64. If I disabled 
the "server signing" the connection went ok.

The "server signing = auto" will make the samba to send the "security mode = 
0x7" in netgotiate protocol response, that means "security =user" 
and "security signatures enabled" (not mandatory). So I can't understand why 
the XP clients didn't work with this set. From the ethereal the only 
deferents are the "negotiate protocol response", the  others (session setup 
andX, tree connect) are same in both cases.

Did anyone ever find the solution?

Jianliang Lu
TieSse s.p.a.     Ivrea (To) - Italy
j.lu at tiesse.com   luj at libero.it

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