[Samba] Call timed out?

Stefan G. Weichinger monitor at oops.co.at
Tue Feb 17 08:03:11 GMT 2004


I reported this problem already some months ago, but haven't received
anything that helped.

I try it from a different angle today:

What could cause this message when creating an archive via smbclient?

> ? Call timed out: server did not respond after 20000 milliseconds opening remote file

And question two:

What could cause smbclient to hang after that and fail on each
following file with this "? Call timed out ..." ?

I can access the first file via smbclient fine. Definitely no 20
seconds delay there ...

Could this be the virus-scanner on the NT-box?
I have to check its logs when I am back there.


The numbers: Samba 3.0.1, Suse Linux 9, accessing a
NT4-SP6a-Workstation, which runs NAV2003 Pro.

best regards,
Stefan G. Weichinger
mailto:monitor at oops.co.at

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