[Samba] Any help will be great. THX.

reza.rafiee at GEORGESINC.COM reza.rafiee at GEORGESINC.COM
Mon Feb 16 22:30:46 GMT 2004

I've just installed Samba 2.2.3a on AIX 5.2.  We're using a NT password
server to authenticate username/password.  Our NT guru's are complaining 
that there're seeing several authentication failures events with an account 
called "sambatest" which is not a valid userid on our site.  It looks like 
some type of polling that Samba is doing.

This is part of the errors they are seeing:

Logon Failure:
	Reason:	Unknown user name or bad password
	User Name:	sambatestHOSTNAME

In my smb.conf file I'm using:

security = SERVER

How can we stop these errors from occurring?

We are getting a login screen to login to the network and when we try we get
the same message over and over.

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