[Samba] Setting "password must change" for more than one user

Fabien Chevalier fabien.chevalier at supelec.fr
Mon Feb 16 18:02:04 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I'm using Samba 3 with ldapsam_compat and i have a bunch of users (~ 150).
I'm trying to find a way to set 'password must change' attribute to a given value to all users of my domain, so
that all be forced to reset their passwords at the same time.

Is there an "easy" way to do that, better than editing ldap database "by hand" or writing a custom script?
I looked at pdbedit, smbpasswd, smbldap-tools, and no...nothing seems to cope with it...

Any idea?


Fabien Chevalier

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