[Samba] APW: Print Driver not Storing for some printer types

Paul Cochrane paul.m.cochrane at tuht.scot.nhs.uk
Mon Feb 16 15:34:24 GMT 2004

Hi there.
I'm using samba 3.0.2 as a printserver. It's been working for ages and I 
upgraded it the other day to see if it fixed this problem I've been 
having trying to get printer drivers stored onto the server.

The mechanism for uploading drivers seems to be working fine but I've 
recently got two new printers: an HP laserjet4200tn & and OKI c5100. No 
matter what I seem to try, trying to get the APW to install these 
drivers to the print$ share on the sambe printserver fails.  The error 
messages is:
Unable to install HP LaserJet 4200 PS, Windows 2000 or XP, Intel Driver. 
Operation could not be completed.

On pressing the New Driver button, it runs through the wizard OK then 
gives this error on Finish.

What bugs me most is that It's working fine for my old printer drivers 
(mostly a variety of HP laserjets).  I've reinstalled the drivers to 
check but these two refuse to work.

I'm trying to install the latest PS drivers from the internet if that 
helps anyone.

Two other things I have noticed which may be related to the problem:
1. On an XP machine, in the print$/w32x86 dir, there seems to be other 
folders created (hewletpackard..... and oki_data_...). Could the drivers 
be trying to install not to the 3 folder as I think they should?

2. On the servers print$ share int the w32x86 folder it seems to try to 
have creates a temporary folder "__SKIP_...." when the error message is 
popped up.  This folder is empty by the way.

I'm thinking it's the drivers at fault. Or perhaps there's a new driver 
format that Samba doesn't support yet?

Any help on my problem would be appreciated.

  Paul Cochrane       (paul.m.cochrane (***at***) tuht.scot.nhs.uk)

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