[Samba] Problem with NT -> Samba User Configuration: Probably very simple

Sebuwufu Raymond (UK) Raymond.Sebuwufu at O2.COM
Mon Feb 16 13:17:54 GMT 2004

Hi All,
my problem is I am unable to configure an NT user to access a UNIX Tru64
5.1b share from their PC. I am running Samba 2.0.7 and it runs as a domain

Here are the steps I have completed without success:

Assuming <ntuser> is the NT username used to log into the NT workstation/PC.

1. Created UNIX user <username>
2. Created UNIX directory /usr/users/<username>/input
3. Appended following line to a user name mapping file defined in smb.conf
with the parameter "username map = ...":
<username> = <ntuser>

Note: The user name mapping file already contained an entry for another user
and the one above was appended to the file.

4. Added the following to smb.conf:

comment = '....etc'
path = /usr/users/<username>/input 
valid users = <username>
public = no 
writable = yes 
printable = no

5. Restarted the samba daemons.

Can anyone spot what the problem is? Have I missed out a particular step? 

In desperation I tried adding <username> to the samba password file by
smbpasswd but it would appear this user is already a member. This I
from the fact that I typed <Enter> when first asked for the existing
and when I entered the new password twice the following messages were

"error connecting to #.#.#.#:# (Connection refused)
unable to connect to SMB server on machine #.#.#.#. Error was : code 0.
Failed to change password for statdat"

Note the # symbols represent numbers which I have physically replaced with
I believe they are addresses of some sort.

If you know what the problem is please can you let me know as soon as you
can. Your help with be greatly appreciated. 

I am hoping this is something very simple that can be quickly knocked on the

Many thanks


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