[Samba] winbindd krb5_get_credentials errors

ww m-pubsyssamba pubsyssamba at bbc.co.uk
Mon Feb 16 10:17:25 GMT 2004

Hi All,

	can someone elaborate on the cause of my problem mentioned below? Service records exist for DC's only on DNS servers in that domain (ie DNS server in domain X has service records only for all DC's in domain X and so on for each domain), should normal DNS forwarding not allow a client in one domain to read the service record data from another? Normal host records for all domains in the forest are resolveable via DNS forwarding. Otherwise I'll need to have service records for all our DC's in all 6 domains in every DNS server in the forest which is not practical!?!

		thanks in advance, Andy.

> can you explain the many instances (against different 
> server) of errors of the type from winbindd?,
> krb5_get_credentials failed for bbcdev1002$@DSD-PILOT.CORE.BBC.CO.UK 
> (Cannot find KDC for requested realm)

KDC's must either be able to be found in DNS (using the SRV records etc)
or be in /etc/krb5.conf.  

Andrew Bartlett

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