[Samba] Samba PDC and Win2k Client

L.R.Rodriguez lrrodrig at unity.ncsu.edu
Sun Feb 15 19:34:39 GMT 2004

Probably bad form to reply to myself, but it is, I think relevant.

I sat down to work on this problem some more this morning and was unable 
to log on to 'Silv'. Though it was working yesterday just fine (ie: I 
was able to log on, run a logon script, etc), today 'Silv' was showing 
all the same symptoms of  'Plaid'. I removed 'Silv' from the domain, and 
re-added it without incident. After a reboot, I was able to log in.

I've now gone from merely puzzled, to utterly confused.


L.R.Rodriguez wrote:

> John,
> Both machines have the default Digital Sign and Seal registry 
> settings. 'Silv' was able to join, whilst 'Plaid' was not. I did try, 
> however, disabling the Sign and Seal settings in the security policy 
> and rebooted the machine. Whilst 'Plaid' reported successfully joining 
> the domain, it continues to report the missing machine account error 
> during login attempts.
> John H Terpstra wrote:
>> It sounds to me as if the machine that can not logon has
>> DigitalSign'n'Seal enabled. You must turn this off with Samba-2.x.

>> Quick Summary:
>>> I am trying to join some Win2k (Service Pack 4) machines to a NT4 style
>>> domain with a Samba PDC. One machine successfully joins the Samba
>>> domain. One fails.

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