[Samba] Re: PDC+BDC+Filereplication_How?

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Sun Feb 15 18:06:24 GMT 2004

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John H Terpstra írta:
| On Sun, 15 Feb 2004, [ISO-8859-15] Gémes Géza wrote:
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|>Joao Fraga írta:
|>| Gémes Géza wrote:
|>|>What method would you recommend for replicating folders, keeping
|>|>existing ACLs (ability of manipulating that ACLs from Windows is not
|>|>important) between Samba PDC-BDCs:
|>| I suggest you take a careful look at DRBD:
|>|     http://www.drbd.org
|>| It is what you are looking for.
|>| Joao
|>Thanks for the idea, but unfortunately it is not yet XFS ready, and I
|>had no luck with ACLs and other filesystems (it could be my fault),
|>and I desperately need ACL support :-(.
| If you want to use ACLs you need:
| 	1. ACLs support in your Linux kernel
| 	2. File systems formatted correctly
| 	3. To mount the file systems correctly in /etc/fstab
| 	4. Samba to be compiled and linked with the acls-devel libraries
1-4 OK at my side, except, that I'm using Mandrake and XFS. I just had
some nasty problems with acl support and non-XFS filesystems in the
past, then I've found XFS and it seems, that I get used to it a little
bit too much.
| Here is an entry from my fstab file for example;
| 	/dev/hda6       /export reiserfs        acl,user_xattr 1 2
| I run SuSE SLES8, 8.2 and 9.0 with ACLs support without any problems.
| The relication of ACLs from a Windows server to a Samba server requires
| use of the correct Windows tools and does present limitations. You can do
| this only when logged onto the Windows server/client as the Domain
| Administrator and you must have Domain Administrator rights under Samba.
| Cheers,
| John T.

I don't need any replication from Windows, as my Windows machines are
used as clients exclusively (well except some shared printers), all my
servers are Unix (Linux) thanks God.


Geza Gemes
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