[Samba] Re: Re: Single Sign On

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Sun Feb 15 13:51:16 GMT 2004

"John H Terpstra" <jht at samba.org> wrote in message
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> > Single Sign On  (SSO) to me is a separate issue.  SSO allows you to have
> > database of usernames and passwords.  Users can access this database and
> > authenticated no matter which operating system they are using.
> Corect. That is exactly what winbind permits. The question asked
> originally was quite valid and on target. Samba winbind permits use of the
> Windows (NT4 style or ADS style) accounts (users and groups) for
> UNIX/Linux system logins.
> Winbind permits the use of Windows domain accounts as if they were in
> /etc/passwd (or any other password backend).

How does NIS replacement fit into all of this?  I have gotten the impression
that it is a means of using LDAP for authentication instead of the
/etc/passwd file. Chapter 6 of Jerry's book talks quite a bit about it.

Is Windbind an easier approach to SSO or the only approach?

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