[Samba] nmbd multihomed registration request must be directed at a WINS server error

Dylan Cuthbert dylan at q-games.com
Sun Feb 15 12:10:13 GMT 2004

Hi there,

I just got a new machine with Redhat Enterprise Workstation and samba
3.0.0-14 pre-installed.  I am trying to connect it to my existing network
which has a redhat v8 samba v2 PDC controlling 16 or so win2k and winxp

In the nmbd log I get this error 3 times every 5 seconds or so:

  process_nmb_request: Multihomed registration request must be directed at a
WINS server.

What does this mean?  Multihomed?  The network is as simple as it gets,
there is one PDC (and WINS server), and 16 or so clients, and everybody is
on the same domain.

As far as I can see this error doesn't cause anything to fail (I can access
shares on the new machine fine) but I felt it best to check in case it comes
back to bite me later on.


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

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