[Samba] PDC+BDC+Filereplication_How?

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Sun Feb 15 08:18:11 GMT 2004

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|>Hi all,
|>Sorry for this general question, but I'd like to hear your opinion on
|>this subject, but I'd like to set up a really working backup solution
|>for my PDC, currently it uses NFS, so there are lots of issues: No ACLs,
|>When NFS server goes down, everything fails.
|>What method would you recommend for replicating folders, keeping
|>existing ACLs (ability of manipulating that ACLs from Windows is not
|>important) between Samba PDC-BDCs:
|>- -Rsync+FAM based scripts
| For things that should be static, but replicated (such as the netlogon
| share), this sounds like the right solution.

Unfortunately I also have to replicate the [homes] and the [profiles]
share in order to get a really working backup solution.

|>- -Distributed filesystems:
|>		-Coda
|>		-Intermezzo
|>	etc.
|>Thank you for ANY answer.
| You cannot safely replicate files between two CIFS servers, unless you
| also manage the locks and share modes.  A BDC is not a mirror of a PDC,
| for file shares, only for the logon database.  Clustered CIFS is *hard*,
| see recent discussions on samba-technical.

I'm willing to pay that price, already had to disable oplocks
completely, because of some stupid applications located on users home
share (in its documentation its written: You need to create a share,
with full rights for everybody who will be using the program), well
symlinked of course.

Thanks again,

Geza Gemes
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