[Samba] ACL bug

Dariush Forouher dariush at forouher.de
Fri Feb 13 19:12:31 GMT 2004

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Michael Gasch wrote:

> unfortunately this was not the problem though :(

No, I think so as well. The umask setting only can take away permission
bits, but it can't set new ones. Beside of that AFAIK Samba doesn't use
an umask setting inherited from the parent process (and even if it would
certenly be overwritten by the "create mask" setting).

The problem I observed happens when creating files through Samba. Creating
files from native Linux works (at least here) exactly as I'm expecting it
to work.

> with attention to "default:user::rwx"
> why is it automatically set?

AFAIK this is the default behaviour of the ACL implementation of Linux.
The first time when setfacl is used these three defaults ACEs are
automatically added with the same permissions of their non-default peers.

> and of course: on any file created in install owner just gets rw-, but
> my mask isn't recalculated (which is fine)

Not for me! I don't like it if ordinary files have the x-bit set, which
will happen if mask isn't shortened to rw-, like Samba does it at the


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