[Samba] Problem with Samba as PDC

Alexander Goeres agoeres at lieblinx.net
Thu Feb 12 18:20:07 GMT 2004

Am Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2004 18:13 schrieb P-G Fahrbring:
> I've download a PDC guide from IBM's website,
> https://www6.software.ibm.com/dw/education/esdd/samba/?x=50&y=6.
> I've follow the description line by line, but I can't join the domain
> from a windows Xp professional computer.
> Windows Xp answer with following error message...
> "Can't connect to a domain controller for the domain Fah-Technet"

In my config with  Samba 3.02 I've put 
os level = 200
wins support = yes

Last thing is not really necessary (as far as i understood), it makes Samba 
the domain's wins server, but it works for me.

I've exerienced similar messages like "can't connect to a domain controller.." 
when I installed a Samba PDC and tried to make a w2k client join the domain. 
Solution was, to find the 2 other computers hidden somewhere that were 
members of a workgroup with the same same as my freshly set up domain. 

The w2k client tried to join this workgroup instead of the domain, I think. I 
renamed the domain and everything worked (well, nearly everything..).


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