[Samba] time outs with samba 3.0.2

rmi rmi at open-challenge.nl
Thu Feb 12 12:13:53 GMT 2004


I upgraded my samba 3.0.0 server to 3.0.2. 
I got some win98 clients a win2000 member server and a samba PDC.
win2000 is sharing some directory's that are to be viewed on the win98 clients.
And the PDC has some shares that are to be viewed on de win2000 and the win98 clients.

I noticed that every 2 / 2,5 hours i get a time out when trying to view the shares on the PDC from the win2000 member server. After about 5- 10  sec's it works again. 
In the vent viewer on the win2000 it says:

event id 8021
The browser was unable to retrieve a list of servers from the browser master \\samba3
on the network. \Device\NetBT_TcpIp {1F20DB8E-A734-4CA4-87F5-8D8A29D6049E}
The data is the error code.

At the same time on the PDC when i try a smbclient -L w2k -U <user> i get a message that the timeout was exceeded trying to connect to w2k. After the same 5-10 sec's it works again.

Does any1 have a clue wats going on? atm i dont.

Thx in advace 


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