[Samba] samba win 2000 permissions

Bruner, Andrew ABruner at mail.de.state.az.us
Wed Feb 11 21:32:52 GMT 2004

I'm using SuSE 9 and Samba 2.28. Samba is config'd as a stand alone server
in a workgoup.
I want users to be able to create shares and add the users they want with
the permissions they want.
I've been testing this by, logging in as a user(Win2K), creating a folder,
right clicking on the folder, go to Properties,  Security Tab, click Add -
find another user, click ok, ok.
It then gives me this error:
Unable to save permission changes on "folder that I created"
Access denied.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Do I have to config samba as a PDC in order to get this function?

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