[Samba] Welcome to spam / Windows '98SE usr-lev-sec problem

Radu - Eosif Mihailescu csdexter at home-27021.b.astral.ro
Wed Feb 11 15:22:05 GMT 2004

:) cool :D



Coming back to the point, I will ask a (maybe?) naughty question:

Has any of you, Ladies and Gentlemen, seen (and presumably knows HOW-TO 
get that) a SaMBa server behaving nicely to WindowsXP PRO SP1 clients?

I could join them in a domain using 2.2.8a and 3.0.1 but not using 
3.0.0, 3.0.2rc1, 3.0.2rc2 and 3.0.2 :(

The message given by the WindowsXP workstation is the one concerning 
multiple connections to a shared resource with different credentials -- 
BUUUT, I do not have any mapped drives whatsoever while trying to join 
the domain (let alone the fact that it is the same machine and same 
setup as for 2.2.8a and 3.0.1 where it worked) ...
Hay ANYONE got any idea whatsoever? Code pointers welcome (I speak C :) 
) ... anything?


The second problem relates with '98SE and '95OSR2 which cannot enumerate 
the list of domain users when creating a share. The error message is 
"You cannot view the list of users at this time", SaMBa reports 
something like "INVALID PIPE HANDLE: 0" on the logs ...
I _have already_ done the mapi32.dll maneouver but to nu avail.
Again, has anyone got any hints?

It isn't that urgent ... but it is quite important ... as I'm using 
SaMBa at work on a quite large network ... and people started getting 
annoyed by this disfunctionalities in SaMBa ... and sooner or later 
they'll propose we switch to a native Microsoft solution :((((((((((


Thanks in advance,
Radu - Eosif Mihailescu

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