[Samba] Access to Files on Unix host from Windows2K Host

Kairam, Raj KairamR at coned.com
Wed Feb 11 14:32:36 GMT 2004

I needed to find a way for a user, on a Windows 2000 host,  to be able to access files in a filesystem on a unix host running HP-UX 11 (and Apache webserver) both of which are on the same network.

The files in the directory on the unix host are open for all to read.

An application on the Windows host expects to have the path for the file system (on the unix host) defined in an .ini file as follows.
XREFPATHS=<Drive Letter>\<Directory Path>
The Directory Path above refers to the filesystem on the unix host where the files are located.

The user on the Windows host should be able to see the unix directory as a shared directory in the typical windows fashion (with Drive Letter).
MyComputer -> Public on '<Unix Host Name>'(<Drive Letter>)

I was recommended Samba for this purpose by the application vendor.

I, therefore, downloaded and installed the following depot on the unix machine. The installation with 'swinstall' went without a hitch. 

I created a user 'kairamr' on the unix host. This user, using network login userid and password, is on the windows host.

While trying to configure Samba on HP-UX to use encrypted passwords, the following was done.
The file /usr/local/samba/smbpasswd was created using the mksmbpasswd.sh script.
Permissions to that file set at 600 ( only for root to read and write )
Tried to set Samba password ( separate from the unix password ) for user kairamr with smbpasswd command.
I get following error message on the screen ...
load_unicode_map: filename /usr/local/samba/lib/codepages/unicode_map.850 does not exist
load_unicode_map: filename /usr/local/samba/lib/codepages/unicode_map.ISO8859-1 does not exist
New SMB Password:   ( I enter a value )
Retype new SMB Password:  ( I enter the same value as above ) -- get these errors
unable to open passdb database.
Failed to find entry for user kairamr.
Failed to modify password entry for user kairamr
What should I do ? How can I resolve the passdb database issue ?

Any help from list members working with Samba on HP-UX platform will be appreciated.

Raj Kairam

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