[Samba] decode_pw_buffer: incorrect password length

Reinke Bonte reinke.bonte at web.de
Wed Feb 11 12:55:24 GMT 2004

Dear list,

I have a pretty small samba setup with one samba server acting as PDC
and 6 pretty diverse clients. I had no problem joining two win98 clients
and one XP client and two win2000 clients to the domain. There is only
one win2000 client which I simply can't join. In the samba logs I find 

decode_pw_buffer: incorrect password length

whenever I try to join this PC using the root user. When I use just a
normal domain admin user I have nothing in the Samba logs. In any case
windows tells me that the user either doesn't exist or the password is
incorrect. Even though I have just minutes before added two other
win2000 machines with the same user.

I use a tdbsam password backend. And I have tried everything I can
imagine. I have changed the security channel settings of the client PC
to all possible values, I have removed the passwd.tdb and secrets.tdb
files, remapped groups on the server, I have even changed the IP address
of the samba server.

I'm using samba 3.01 on a Debian Linux Sid system. If you want to see
logs or smb.conf files I will post them.

I am lost please help me with new suggestions.

Thank you


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