[Samba] groups mapping problem

Frederic Descamps fred at x-tend.be
Wed Feb 11 09:06:01 GMT 2004

Hi the list,

I have a samba 2.2.8a running with ldap authentication.

but when I'm browsing the domain account I can see all the users but only
2 groups : Domain Admins and Domain users...

How can I add all my other groups on the domain too ?

[root at lnxbxl root]# rpcclient //SAMBA-FS -U administrator -c "enumdomgroups"
cmd = enumdomgroups
group:[Domain Admins] rid:[0x200]
group:[Domain Users] rid:[0x201]

[root at lnxbxl root]# rpcclient //SPAMBA-FS -U administrator -c
"enumalsgroups dom
cmd = enumalsgroups domain
group:[sys] rid:[0x3ef]
group:[tty] rid:[0x3f3]
group:[disk] rid:[0x3f5]
group:[mem] rid:[0x3f9]
group:[kmem] rid:[0x3fb]
group:[wheel] rid:[0x3fd]
group:[man] rid:[0x407]
group:[dip] rid:[0x439]
group:[lock] rid:[0x455]
group:[users] rid:[0x4b1]
group:[utmp] rid:[0x415]
group:[floppy] rid:[0x40f]
group:[slocate] rid:[0x413]
group:[ARCserve] rid:[0x1775]
group:[uagent] rid:[0x1771]
group:[Domain Admins] rid:[0x579]
group:[Domain Users] rid:[0x57b]
group:[Domain Computers] rid:[0x83b]
group:[Printers] rid:[0x226cb]
group:[Operators] rid:[0x226c9]
group:[BCH_Users] rid:[0xc73d]

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,


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