[Samba] samba, pdc, ldap question

moof48 at temple.edu moof48 at temple.edu
Tue Feb 10 21:58:51 GMT 2004

Sorry about the email addy.  I was testing something and 
forgot to switch it back.  I could join someones windows 
domain here at the university but all of the that is useless 
to me or altleast the data in there is.  Our main source of 
user info and the only one that is reliable is in our ldap 
server.  It is used throughout the univeristy is our central 
means of authentication.  I would like to get samba up and 
running as a file server so users can mount there shares.  I 
guesse my main question is how do I get all the needed samba 
info into ldap fo rall my existing 50k users. I also 
have /etc/* on my true64 system which holds all 
uids/passwords and groups if needed to get the needed samba 
data and windows passwords into ldap.  Whats the best way to 
do this in an existing ldap environment.

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