[Samba] Samba / Networking trouble since latest windows update

John Snowdon J.P.Snowdon at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Feb 10 16:08:04 GMT 2004

This is not really a Samba problem, but it does relate to Samba, in a

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Since the latest security patch from Microsoft (last Thursday?) was
applied to common desktop machines within our school we have been
suffering from problems with network connections.

We run several Mac OS X Xserves (10.3.2; thus Samba would be Apples' own
3.0x release) as a workgroup within the medical school which are used as
samba file servers for the windows machines. However, since the last
security update, users have serious problems accessing the systems.
Authentication is against local users and groups on the machine - we
don't use ldap or active directory for the time being.

We still use the university WINS resolution, and access to other uni
shared drives 'seems' to be largely unaffected, however access to our
own servers is largely a hit and miss affair - users connect and then
will pause for a minute or more... access will then appear to be fine -
directory browsing, opening files etc.. , but then all of a sudden the
connection will hang again, taking down explorer and the desktop, thus
requiring a manual re-launch of explorer. While the system is connected
and not hung, all normal use is fine, but the hanging connection is, for
all intents and purposes, completely random - there are no errors in any
system or samba logs.

This occurs on every users machine that is on common desktop and thus
has had the update installed, and on non common desktop machines that
users have manually installed the security update (these users started
to see problems last Friday after applying the update). Those without
the update installed are completely unaffected.

Non-windows clients accessing our servers are unaffected (solaris,
mac-os, mac-os x), as is non-smb traffic (http/ftp, mysql, rsync, ssh
etc.). Servers have been running pretty much continuously without
problem since they were installed months ago. Bandwidth and cpu use at
our servers are all within normal levels and are not even close to 50% -
we routinely rsync several gigabytes of data from these servers to our
main Solaris box every day and this also seems to be unaffected.

Has anyone heard any other reports of network problems with this update?
I appreciate it's a bit of a difficult siutation to fully understand to
people outside of Newcastle University, but it would really help if
anyone had heard of anything related to this security update, or
problems it has caused.

I'm under the impression that this windows update has changed some
settings in or the registry on all client machines... as to what it
is... I'm at a loss.

 John Snowdon - IT Support Specialist
 Faculty of Medical Sciences Computing Dept
 School of Medical Education Development
 University of Newcastle

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