[Samba] A few question about samba-2.2.8a...

Alex Chu hhchu at strd.csam.com.my
Mon Feb 9 07:11:51 GMT 2004

Dear Samba Support Team,

I'm trying to install samba-2.2.8a to my system,
I have a few questions that need your advise:

1. Before we install samba, we have to run "./configure" to configure
samba forthe OS,
    what are the possible impacts of this configuration to the system?

2. Next comes the command "make" to create the binaries, do we need to
do this in every
    server that we want samba to be install? Since this step takes some
time (approx. 1 hour),
    I would like to know is there any faster way to do the same stuff?
(like copy the bin files ?)

3. Can samba be installed in directory others than /usr/local/samba ?
    If yes, how to do it?

4. Must samba be installed in server disk? How about external disk?

Thanks in advance, for your time in reading my mail.
I would be most grateful if Samba Support Team willing to feedback my
Thanks again!!


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