[Samba] WINS emulation re:samba 3.0.1

Mike Partyka mike.partyka at stonepath.com
Mon Feb 9 20:05:19 GMT 2004

I have Samba setup and working somewhat, my intention is really not to
provide file shares at the moment but to function as a WINS server for
network neighborhood browsing through/across routers.
I believe I have the necessary settings enabled, such as: 
wins support = yes
preferred master = yes
local master = yes
But so far the Samba server does not seem to be getting the remote master
lists from any other locations. 
(Our offices are not subnetted but each office uses a different third octet
to differentiate them, I.e. Minneapolis=192.168.20.xxx,
Boston=192.168.25.xxx, etc, and the PC's there are statically addressed
windows 98 machines.)
But our remote offices don't have servers in each location, in fact many
only have 2-4 Windows 98 workstations So I don't have an easy way of know
which PC is the local master browser in that location and since they are
Windows 98 workstations they probably get rebooted often and the local
master browser may not always be the same PC so I can't list the IP
addresses with the Remote Browse Sync variable and force local browse list
collation with the Samba server. 
Can anyone tell me how to get the browse lists to collate with the Samba
server without knowing what the IP of the local master browser is?
Thanks, In advance
Mike Partyka
Stonepath Logistics
IT Network & Hardware Technician
(651) 905-4372 Desk
(651) 208-5734 Cell
(651) 405-4342 Fax

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