Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Mon Feb 9 17:26:03 GMT 2004

hi at all

just for my understanding:

in a samba 3.0 domain (samba 3.0 as pdc with ldap), i thought each 
machine, joining the domain, gets the SID

$DOMAINSID-RID - whether in LDAP or the machine itself

but when i check the SID of a machine account (for example locally on a 
windows xp client), it shows up a different SID (checked with psgetsid), 
but it can join/connect/browse the domain like a charme ???

how is this possible?
needn't be the machine SID the same as the DOMAIN SID (of course 
including the RID) ???

or holds the machine another (local) SID??
where can i get more information about this behaviour?


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