[Samba] school PDC questions

Ivo Dancet ivo at im.be
Mon Feb 9 16:47:46 GMT 2004

I need to set up a samba server (I think samba 3.0.2 will be the one) as 
PDC for my school. It needs to serve mandatory profiles, home dirs, 
shares, printers. As OS I think redhat will do just fine (or isn't that 
a good idea?). Authentication would use openLDAP (if I get it online 
with the hints of realx).

1. What hardware will do a fine job to do this?
2. Can a webserver run on the same server without problems or is it 
better to have another server to serve pages (html, php, mysql) for 
intranet and 'claroline' (an online learning environment).
3. and something else: is it easy to add users in bulk to that openldap 
server (with home dir and so)?

A few early questions, I'm sure a lot will folow, even though I read a 
lot of info...


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