[Samba] 3.0.1-Debian on SPARC displays wrong share size on clients

Michael Keller mikeller at bluewin.ch
Mon Feb 9 14:39:32 GMT 2004

Hi all.

I am running Debian sarge (testing) on a Sun Ultra 30. This machine acts 
as a Samba server to different Windows clients (98SE, NT4). The kernel 
is 2.4.24, the samba version is 3.0.1-Debian.

Some time ago I noticed that size and free space of the shares exported 
by this machine are displayed wrong: The total size of each share is 
usually either displayed as something around 1 MB or alternatively as 
someting above 1 TB (the real size of the shares lies between 1 and 8 GB).
This behaviour is only experienced after a share has been accessed for 
the first time from the client.

Does anybody know how this can be fixed?

   Michael Keller
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