[Samba] Ultimate PDC Upgrade

Kevin Kallsen kallsen at e101.com
Sun Feb 8 22:36:01 GMT 2004

Samba folks:


The title maybe indulgent, but I wanted to get everyone's attention.  I
currently run mandrake 9.0 (FILESERVER) with samba 2.2.8 running as a PDC
and file server for 20 WinXP workstations.  We bought a new server to
replace (FILESERVER).  However, I want to install mandrake 9.2 and samba 3.0
on the new server -then I want the new server also to replace the PDC of the
old server.  I want to do this without having to reset all the workstations
to a new PDC.  Is there a way to copy the SID from the old PDC to the new
PDC so this is seamless transition?



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