[Samba] Problems with virtual samba hosts

Stefan Froehlich samba at Froehlich.Priv.at
Sun Feb 8 18:01:32 GMT 2004


I have a setup with virtual Samba hosts. The configuration has been
copied from an older setup with Samba 2.x, where it worked without
prpblems. But now (Samba 3.0.0) I have some problems. The Samba host
and PDC is called //BERTHA, the virtual host on the same machine is
named //SCHUELER and there is a third host (located on another
workstation) with the name //JESSICA. There is a share with the name
//SCHUELER/KLASSEN, which I want to access as an example. All of the
hosts involved are Linux machines.

I did the following:

| sfroehli at bertha:~$ smbclient //schueler/klassen -U sfroehli
| Password:
| smb: \>

So the vhost setup seems to be ok, as far as I can tell.

| jessica:~# smbpasswd -U root -j MEITNER
| Password:
| Joined domain MEITNER.

Our other host successfully joined the domain. Now try to mount the

| sfroehli at jessica:~$ smbclient  //schueler/klassen -U sfroehli
| added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
| Password:
| session setup failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

I guarantee that the password has been entered correctly (and the error
message would have been different anyway). I have error logs at level 10
of both bertha and jessica (please ask for them, if you need them - they
have a size of app. 500 KB, too much for here). I can only guess about
the contents, but the essential lines seem to boil down to:

|  cli_net_req_chal: LSA Request Challenge from SCHUELER to BERTHA: 5DA4377A8CC39340
|  cli_net_auth2: srv:\\BERTHA acct:SCHUELER$ sc:2 mc: SCHUELER chal 8D94777A1A9D3654 neg: 400701ff
|  cli_nt_setup_creds: auth2 challenge failed NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

Now what are possible reasons for this failure? Any ideas?

To summarize, the following do work:

| sfroehli at jessica:~$ smbclient  //bertha/klassen -U sfroehli
| sfroehli at bertha:~$ smbclient //bertha/klassen -U sfroehli
| sfroehli at bertha:~$ smbclient //schueler/klassen -U sfroehli

"Only" access from a remote host to a virtual samba host is denied
(which is of course nothing which can be accepted) - local access to a
vhost does work as well as remote access to the base host does...


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