[Samba] samba + ADS + hostname problem

Steve Mustaine bettlejuice314 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 7 19:38:23 GMT 2004


	here's the deal:

	i succeed in joining a samba server to ADS, wich is,

	wbinfo -u
	wbinfo -g
	wbinfo -t
	getent passwd
	getent group
	net ads join

	all work.... when  i try to connect from a windows domain member using 
\\<ip address> everything works fine and i can access the shares, depending 
on my valid users parameters, of course. But when i try to do the same thing 
by issuing \\<netbios-name> or browsing Network Neighborhood it doesn't even 
show the shares complaining "\\<netbios-name> is not accessible" or 
something like that. If i try to 'ping <netbios-name>' from the same windows 
box the resolution goes fine.
	i saw other postings about this but it isn't clear whether it's a samba bug 
or misconfigured parameters.

	Any tips??? perhaps something is not being reported correctly to the master 

Thanks in advance...

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