[Samba] restrict logon to groups of workstations

Marcelo M. Sobral sobral at sj.univali.br
Fri Feb 6 23:01:00 GMT 2004


   I see the "workstations" parameter (associated to a Sam Account) is 
used to restrict logon of that user to the listed workstations. But it 
would be nice to restrict logon based on list of groups of workstations, 
too. Just like it is possible to list unix groups or netgroups for 
parameters like "valid users". Does the Samba Team think about to extend 
the workstations attribute to allow this ? Or has someone made something 
like this ?

   Whatever, I am making a patch to samba-3.0.1 to get that. If it will 
get fine, I tell you.

   Thanks !

  Prof. Marcelo Maia Sobral
  Tecnologia da Informacao
  Univali - Campus São José
  Fone: (0xx48) 281-1595
  ICQ: 151088143

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