[Samba] smbclient and XP

Jack Parker jparker at artentech.com
Fri Feb 6 18:21:13 GMT 2004

(of course I'm working through all of this as I type this note, and I
did resolve it, I'm sending it on anyway so that others might benefit).


I am relatively new to samba.  
samba-2.2.3a-6 (RedHat 7.3)

Trying to get Amanda to back up an XP client via smb.  (XP SP1).  (yes,
our environment is a wild mix of hardware and OS - typical consulting

Amcheck tries:
smbclient \\mongo\jparker -U jparker -E -c quit

to which it gets:
selfcheck: samba access error: //mongo/jparker: added interface
ip= bcast= nmask= session setup
failed: SUCCESS - 0: returned 1

Running the same command from the command line - it works fine.

Amcheck works fine against a W2000 machine, same domain, same userid.

Yes, /etc/amandapass is properly set up.


XP works fine viewing samba shares (going the other way) - love the tip
about disabling the XP webclient, that has sped things up.

Before I expend copious quantities of blood, sweat and tears - is this
something that others have run into?  Is there a known solution?

Symptom 5.  I turned off simple file sharing, rebooted the XP box and
all is well.


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