[Samba] RAV AntiVirus scan results.

ravms at head.netsystem.cz ravms at head.netsystem.cz
Fri Feb 6 16:41:39 GMT 2004

RAV AntiVirus for Linux i686 version: 8.3.1 (snapshot-20011106)
Copyright (c) 1996-2001 GeCAD The Software Company. All rights reserved.
Registered version for 2 domain(s).
Running on host: head.netsystem.cz

CZ: Soubor (part0002:document.zip)->document.doc                                                                      .pif prilozeny k dopisu (s predmetem: hello) zaslanym samba at samba.org pro fred at netsystem.cz, 
CZ: je infikovan virem: Win32/Mydoom.A at mm.
EN: The file (part0002:document.zip)->document.doc                                                                      .pif attached to mail (with subject: hello) sent by samba at samba.org to fred at netsystem.cz, 
EN: is infected with virus: Win32/Mydoom.A at mm.
CZ: Nemohu vycistit tento soubor.
EN: Cannot clean this file.
CZ: Nemohu smazat tento soubor (pravdepodobne je soucasti archivu).
EN: Cannot delete this file (most probably it's in an archive).
CZ: Soubor nebyl dorucen, protoze obsahuje nebezpecny kod.
EN: The mail was not delivered because it contained dangerous code.

Scan engine 8.11 for i386.
Last update: Thu Feb  5 00:24:10 2004
Scanning for 89689 malwares (viruses, trojans and worms).

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