[Samba] interdomain trusts 2 samba pdcs

rruegner robowarp at gmx.de
Thu Feb 5 23:29:30 GMT 2004

Hi Andrew,
the problem can not be fixed, it is
not related to samba , the trust will not work ( perhaps in a lucky case it
will )
i tried it with fixed wins entries and so on.
After i had study again the openvpn faqs,
i result that the problem is related to the tun interface,
the openvpn developer gives advice to use tap interfaces
if wanna full function of netbios, so i will test this and give results to

i wonder wins seems to work corect, and at my meaning establish a trust is
only wins related.
but the message could not find domain controller for domain makes me wonder
even the #1c is in wins.dat

"BUERO#00" 1076287439 64R
"BUERO#01" 1076348792 64R
"BUERO#03" 1076348792 64R
"BUERO#20" 1076348792 64R
"BUERO$#03" 1076333233 64R
"FILES#00" 1076281681 66R
"FILES#03" 1076281681 66R
"FILES#20" 1076281681 66R
"HERREN#00" 1076212457 64R
"HERREN#01" 1076258932 64R
"HERREN#03" 1076258932 64R
"HERREN#20" 1076258932 64R
"HERREN$#03" 1076258926 64R
"KIND#03" 1076258926 64R
"LOTHAR#03" 1076263761 64R
"MUSI#00" 1076281681 e4R
"MUSI#1b" 1076281681 66R
"MUSI#1c" 1076281681 e6R
"MUSI#1e" 1076281681 e6R
"ROBOWARP#00" 1076135044 e4R
"ROBOWARP#1c" 1076221584 e4R
"ROBOWARP#1e" 1076135044 e4R
"SILKE#03" 1076348777 64R
"SMBPDC#00" 1076221585 64R
"SMBPDC#03" 1076221585 64R
"SMBPDC#20" 1076221585 64R
"TEAM#03" 1076336124 64R

"FILES#00" 0 66R
"FILES#03" 0 66R
"FILES#20" 0 66R
"MONI#03" 1076321935 64R
"MUSI#1b" 0 66R
"MUSI#1c" 0 e6R
"MUSI#1e" 0 e6R
"NEUERPC#00" 1076321935 64R
"NEUERPC#03" 1076321935 64R
"NEUERPC#20" 1076321935 64R
"NEUERPC$#03" 1076365876 64R
"ROBOPC#00" 1076321539 64R
"ROBOPC#20" 1076321547 64R
"ROBOWARP#00" 1076281876 e4R
"ROBOWARP#1b" 1076281876 64R
"ROBOWARP#1c" 1076281876 e4R
"ROBOWARP#1e" 1076281876 e4R
"SILKEPC#00" 1076320146 64R
"SILKEPC#20" 1076320146 64R
"SMBPDC#00" 1076281876 66R
"SMBPDC#03" 1076281876 66R
"SMBPDC#20" 1076281876 66R

musi is one domain files is the pdc there
robowarp is the other domain smpdc is pdc there

A question for the sambatistas..
Has anybody tried trusts over dynamic tunnels with samba PDC with different
networks, what was your results?

faq openvpn
 The difference between a tun and tap device is this: a tun device is a
virtual IP point-to-point device and a tap device is a virtual ethernet
device. So getting back to the "long cable" analogy, using a tun device
would be like having a T1 cable connecting the computers and using a tap
device would be like having an ethernet network connecting the two
computers. People who are running applications that need the special
features of ethernet (which won't work on an IP-only network) will often
bridge their physical local ethernet with a tap device (using a utility such
as brctl on Linux), then VPN the tap device to another similar setup at the
other end. This allows OpenVPN to route ethernet broadcasts and non-IP
protocols such as Windows NetBios over the VPN. If you don't need the
special features of ethernet (such as bridging capability), it's better to
use a tun device

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