[Samba] Slow logins and lost files for some users on Samba 2.2.8a

Per von Zweigbergk pvz at e.kth.se
Thu Feb 5 12:45:21 GMT 2004

(Sorry if this message appears twice -- but it seems the usenet => mailing
list gateway is only one way -- messages to usenet don't end up on the
mailing list.)

Two of my users are complaining that it takes a very long time (sometimes
in the order of 15 minutes) for them to log in.

I have had this problem before -- but it then turned out that the problem
was simply a question of having very large roaming profiles.

I advised the users affected by this problem to move their large files to
their share -- rather than storing them in the roaming profile -- this
helped for most users.

However, this is not the case for these two users. Their home directories
are only a few megabytes big. They are also complaining that their
documents disappear when they log off and store the documents in their
profiles. I have advised them to store their documents in their mounted
home directory for now -- but this is just a stop-gap measure until the
problem gets solved.

I'm running Samba 2.2.8a on FreeBSD 5.1 as a Windows NT4 domain controller
-- and the clients are Windows 2000 Professional on the older machines and
Windows XP Professional on the newer ones. Since this is a school -- and
the users are not assigned any specific computers -- logins happen on
different computers all the time.

I can see nothing out of the ordinary in log.smbd -- does anyone know what
I could do to try solving this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Per von Zweigbergk <pvz at e.kth.se>

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