[Samba] big problem changing permissions on samba with windows

Emir Prcic e.prcic at panroyal.com
Thu Feb 5 10:30:55 GMT 2004

Hi there, I have

Redhat 7.1 + samba 2.07

Suse 8.2  + samba 2.28


I am not able to change any permissions on samba shares from windows.
Either my explorer chrashes or on the server I get a message saying
unable to save permission changes (on suse samba share) or ( on redhat
samba share) cant verify that the "fileserver" is a member of a domain.
Both machines are added to the domains and they are in active directory
under computers. They have been added with smbpasswd -j command to the
w2k pdc. When I add new user the user just disappears. And there user
Everyone is constantly there. Also in w2k I am not able to change nor
see any of the permissions to the people already there (if I add them
from the samba side). 

Please help, 


Attachned copy of a smb.conf



# smb.conf is the main Samba configuration file. You find a full

# version at /usr/share/doc/packages/samba/examples/smb.conf.SuSE

# Date: 2003-07-01


      unix extensions = Yes

      netbios name = file2

      printing = CUPS


      password server = IPADDRESS

      wins server = IPADDRESS

      workgroup = DOMAINNAME

      os level = 2

      map to guest = Bad User

      printcap name = CUPS

      encrypt passwords = Yes

      time server = Yes

      veto files = /*.eml/*.nws/riched20.dll/*.{*}/

      security = domain

      nt acl support = yes


      comment = Home Directories

      valid users = %S

      browseable = No

      read only = No

      create mask = 0640

      directory mask = 0750


      comment = All Printers

      path = /var/tmp

      printable = Yes

      create mask = 0600

      browseable = No


      comment = Printer Drivers

      path = /var/lib/samba/drivers

      write list = @ntadmin root

      force group = ntadmin

      create mask = 0664

      directory mask = 0775



      writeable = yes

      valid users = administrator

      path = /srv

      write list = administrator




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