[Samba] samba + ldap + user privileges

Edward Ashley samba at klesknet.com
Thu Feb 5 05:44:12 GMT 2004

I'm wondering if someone clever knows about this problem I'm having:
I have a stock fedora core 1 samba install with openldap backend.
Everything is working except that when a user who is in the domain admins
or domain users group, the privileges are correct, but when they log on a
second time without restarting the machine, all their privileges are
removed and they are treated like a guest user. I have mapped the global
groups using net group add command.

I have set up nsswitch so that the system is getting its account
information from the ldap database. The samba server is acting as a PDC.
The clients are using XPPro and w2k.

Please can someone, if they've come across this before, pass on some
information to help me.

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