[Samba] controlling print queue

Mark gmane at tippingmar.com
Wed Feb 4 20:49:40 GMT 2004

I'm sharing a cups printer using Samba 3.0.1 on Fedora Core.  If a windows
workstation sends a big print job, it disappears from the workstation queue
pretty quickly as it is spooled on the samba server.  After that, is there a
way for the user to cancel the print job? Or to see what is in the samba
print queue?

I thought for a while that I might give the users web access to the cups
jobs page, but there is a permission issue to work out.  The print job is
done as the samba user, and I'm not sure what user the web page runs as, but
it is different, so the request to cancel a job fails.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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