[Samba] Group Mapping in MySQL backend

Bjoern Scheuermann bjoern at solution.de
Wed Feb 4 16:21:31 GMT 2004


think I have to reply to my own mail, if nobody else does... :-)

> are there any plans to add some support for storing not only user
> information, but also group mappings in the MySQL passdb backend? Or are
> there problems I'm not aware of why this cannot be done?

I'd maybe be willing to try doing this on my own, if sombeody could give me 
some hints on how to start. Is it just the implementation of the methods for 
storing and retrieving the group mappings which I've found in the LDAP 
backend code? Or is there anything more to do?

> And - by the way - is there any reason why pdb_mysql should not (yet) be
> used in larger installations (several hundert clients), or why several
> servers shouldn't share one common database? Are there any experiences
> regarding such installations, or are any problems already known?

Nobody using it with more than a few users/clients?
What a pitty...

Thanks a lot,


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