[Samba] Request for help with LPI Samba Certification

Stefan G. Weichinger monitor at oops.co.at
Wed Feb 4 11:51:45 GMT 2004

Hello, John,

Mittwoch, 04. Februar 2004, 07:06 you wrote:

JHT> We are working with the Linux Professional Institute to develop and
JHT> validate a Samba certification programme.

JHT> You can participate in LPI Level 3 Exam Development!

Will the Samba-certification get part of LPI-Lev3?
Or should it get a separate certificate?
I assume this would be explained on that page:

JHT> https://www.lpi.org/en/examdev/jta/index.html

JHT> Access to the exam development area is access restricted so you must
JHT> create a user account to enable you to contribute.

I already have a user account there, and when I login on the page you
mentioned, it says:

> User login
> You logged in as sgw. 
> You need to login to access this area of the site.


Not your fault, I know, but worth mentioning.
best regards,
Stefan G. Weichinger
mailto:monitor at oops.co.at

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