[Samba] Problems copying some files from windows to linux

Mark Dorset mdorset at trinity.unimelb.edu.au
Tue Feb 3 23:10:47 GMT 2004

Hi TeeCee,

Thanks for taking the time to send an email.

> aposrophes and question marks ARE NOT fine for filenames!!!
> For example the "?" and "*" cannot be used on the most systems because
> they are wildcards so You cannot point a single file with them! :P

I'll be sure to tell anyone using the internet that might send such a 
file to someone here as a file attachment then so they don't do it 
again... :-\

> The other ones are working on *nix in most cases, BUT on Win systems
> not. You cannot use \/:*?"<>| on Windows systems. Read some filenaming
> manual :)

Unfortunately this doesn't change the fact that the Windows Server is 
holding files with punctuation marks like "?" and "'", and that I need 
to figure out a way to get them to copy over...

Interestingly, I've noticed that there's a second file with an 
apostrophe named "john's gift.doc" in the example mounted directory 
I've been using (the one that also contains "company's.exe", but it is 
entirely manageable whereas "company's.exe" still is not.... 
Permissions are the same, and I can do an ls <file>, file <file>, etc 
without problems on that one...

Very strange I think.


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