[Samba] PDF * powerpoint files need the x bit set under linux

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Tue Feb 3 13:42:34 GMT 2004

> We are trying to migrate to samba from NT4 data servers, We don't
> allow users the execute permission on data drives, so I have setup data
> drives with a creat mask of 0660 which seems ok. The problem I'm having
> that both powerpoint and PDF files seem to need the 'x' bit set before
> can edit or open the files. Has anybody else had this problem? and if so
> could you please tell me what you did to resolve it.
Keith, it needs to be pointed out that you're running a patch that makes
samba honor the 'x' bit in terms of being given permission to execute
files, as when ntcreatex opens a file for execute access.  I've not been
aware in the past that these files are opened for execution by windows, but
it's possible.  Do the permissions on the windows server you're migrating
from show that the user has permission to execute programs?

And I just want to make sure...are you double-clicking the documents, or
opening them from within the application?

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