[Samba] Samba Password Aging

Kenneth Loafman ken at lt.com
Mon Feb 2 22:12:38 GMT 2004

Samba version 2.999+3.0cvs20020906-1 for Debian

Somehow the Samba password is aging and is requiring a reset once a 
month for a couple of users.  I can't see anything in the man pages to 
indicate that the passwords age, so how is Samba doing it, and how do I 
stop this behavior?

One user is on Windows 2000 and the other on Windows XP.

The Windows passwords are not aging and neither are the Linux passwords 
on the Samba server itself, just the Samba password.

Plus, with the new *.tdb format, how do you see what users are there? 
This seems to be a valid security hole if there is no Samba machanism to 
see into this mysterious database to find out what settings are there 
and to audit the users that might show up without authorization.


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