[Samba] RE: samba 3.0.1 issues continued UPDATE

James Bowes james at xisit.net
Mon Feb 2 22:00:49 GMT 2004

Hi again everyone.

Man this is weird... I grep'd for "srvsvc" on all logs and didn't find
any instances. I grep'd for "uid" and I am consistently seeing the

	"UNIX uid 99 is UNIX user nobody, and will be vuid 100
  	change_to_user: Invalid vuid used 100 or vuid not permitted
access to share."

I dunno about others but I am fresh out of ideas as to where I go from

What should be happening, AIUI, the Samba boxen should be serving up the
wins browse list and I get the correct responses from a command line
test using smbclient and nmblookup. Unfortunately, I am still having
issues from the 3 Win2k and single Win98 boxes...

Any suggestions or alternative ways of looking at this issue would be
greatly appreciated.



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